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Saturday, February 8th
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See why offsite construction using modular methods is a preferred way to build with us.

We work closely with you and your builder to create the perfect, energy efficient living environment. Homes today are better built and more efficiently produced than stick built homes when off site construction techniques are used through our modular method of construction approach.

Our homes can be as basic or highly customized in almost any shape or size as you are only limited by your imagination.

The Evolution of Home Building

See why more people are building with us.

Our Homes

Open concept homes, cathedral ceilings, lofts and any other style or luxury you desire can be configured to fit your needs in any of our custom home designs.

How We’re Leading the Industry

Energy Efficient

40-55% more efficient than the average constructed home.*

Cost Effective

Controlled cost without cost overruns.

Fast Construction

Move into your home in a much shorter time frame than stick built construction.

*Based on the ENERGY STAR® performance rating index.

Building with the Best

We've built many styles of custom homes.