Passive Homes

This national first was in collaboration with Efficiency VT and JB Clancy from Albright and Ritter Architects in Boston, MA and was an industry breakthrough of what can be achieved with our building method.

Preferred Building Systems was the FIRST in the United States of America to build a modular passive house in 2010 for Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte, VT. We are The Modular Home Company that everyone talks about in the Passive House movement as being known for pushing the envelope with off site construction.

Preferred Building Systems of Claremont,N.H., is leading the way in “new generation” energy efficient homes.PBS’s leadership in energy efficiency and quality building techniques have gained recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy in addition to numerous other state and local officials. Most recently, PBS partnered with Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity to build a home in Charlotte, Vermont, that meets Passive House Specification.

Preferred Building Systems began production on this home in August 2010 and is pleased to announce its delivery to the Charlotte, Vermont, home site on Friday, September 10, 2010. This Habitat for Humanity home is the first Passive House to be built as modular, and PBS is ready to build many more.

The question is asked: How do we best square our building energy needs with those of our environment and our pocketbook?

In the realm of super energy efficiency, the Passive House represents and intriguing option for new and retrofit construction. Preferred Building Systems is proud to have the capability and building science expertise to be able to work with homeowners on any energy and/or environmentally-conscious housing option they are interested in. The company is proud to have been selected as the answer to meet the specific building challenges that the Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Passive House project in Charlotte, Vermont, presented.

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